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Sound Effects End User License

Your use of any, Inc. royalty free sound effect product acknowledges your acceptance of this License Agreement.

​General Terms, Inc. royalty free sound effect products (hereinafter referred to as "Sound Effects") are sold to you with a lifetime non-transferable worldwide license for synchronization & master use rights only.

In the event of a breach of this License Agreement action may be taken against you directly by the copyright owner. You consent to the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario, Canada and to venue at the location of this court.

Synchronization and Master Use Rights Granted

Upon purchase of any Sound Effects you are authorized to synchronize the Sound Effects audio content with audio and audiovisual productions, presentations and applications (hereinafter referred to as "Projects") such as:
• Film, video, DVD & TV productions
• Training, marketing and trade show presentations
• Corporate videos & educational applications
• On hold messages & advertising
• Radio presentations & commercials
• Television presentations & commercials
• Live performances
• Speech & audio book products
• Web pages & multimedia presentations
• Online streaming and video broadcast sites such as Youtube
• Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram
• PowerPoint & Flash productions
•  Interactive programs & computer games & synchronized content for Apps
• ​ AV & computer generated displays, podcasts

You may create unlimited copies of the Projects. You may broadcast and/or distribute an unlimited number of Projects worldwide without limitations. If you sell, lease, give away or otherwise distribute copies of the Projects, the rights and limitations to the synchronized Sound Effects as outlined in this End User License Agreement are in effect for the life of the Production and pass automatically to the End User of the Production., Inc., reserves all rights not granted on this License Agreement.

You are not authorized to:
• Transfer, copy or duplicate any unsynchronized Sound Effects, either in whole or in part, by any means, with the exception of one copy for back-up or archive purposes
• Resell, license, lease, loan, give away or in any way distribute to any third party any unsynchronized Sound Effects, either in whole or in part, without an additional license
• Claim ownership or authorship of the Sound Effects
• Provide SoundDogs royalty free products in whole or in part as unsynchronized content within other mobile communications or entertainment applications, such as iTunes Apps, or as unsynchronized content offered in software packages. Please contact us for details on the additional license required.
• Use SoundDogs royalty free products in an AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning or Neural Network system, app or program for any purpose including but not limited to the purpose of creating similar or unique sounds.
• Use SoundDogs royalty free products in the production or creation of an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) whether for sale or distribution by any means.
• Re-record the Sound Effects. However, you are authorized to edit, filter and process the Sound Effects to fit the needs of the Projects, including modifying length, sound and frequency levels, pitch and dynamics
• Provide or allow remote access to any unsynchronized Sound Effects without an additional Remote Access License
• Use the Sound Effects in Toys, Alarm Clocks, Books, Electronic Greeting Cards, or any other products, applications or games where any Sound Effects audio content is optionally initiated by any form of physical action of the end user performed with the sole purpose of initiating the sound. Please contact us for details on the additional license required
• Sell, give away or otherwise dispose any storage media containing any Sound Effects, including, but not limited to, computers, hard disk drives, CD's or DVD's, unless or until all Sound Effects have been permanently deleted from such storage media or such storage media has
been permanently destroyed

Use of the Sound Effects in any manner not expressly authorized by this License Agreement is a serious offence and constitutes copyright infirngement., Inc. protects its copyright by all necessary means, including legal action under applicable copyright laws.

Warranty and Liability
All Sound Effects are owned by, Inc., or are provided on under license., Inc. warrants that it has all necessary rights and authority to enter into and perform this Agreement and that your use of any Sound Effects in accordance with this License Agreement does not infringe on any third party proprietary rights., Inc. accepts no responsibility for any direct, indirect or consequential losses, costs, expenses or damages of any kind arising from the use of any Sound Effects. All Sound Effects are provided on an as is basis., Inc.'s liability shall in no event exceed the purchase amount paid for the Sound Effects in question.. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Use for further information.

When a Publisher removes a sound effect from, whether by termination of its publishing agreement or for other reasons, is not able to provide you with access to download  removed sound effects even though you may have previously purchased them. It is recommended that you keep a safe copy of all downloaded purchases.​

Contact Information
If you have any questions please contact us via email at | 310-399-4557 | Toll Free: 877-315-3647

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