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Sound Effects Partners

All You Can Eat Audio
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All You Can Eat Audio was founded by Jeremy Zussman in December of 2016 under a single concept – record as many different sounds as possible using a single object. A foley artist by nature, Jeremy has a fascination with manipulating objects to create unique and unnatural sounds.

Hidden Sound
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Hidden Sound offers unique remote field recordings, unique location sound and experimental audio packs from Iceland.

Krampfstadt Studio

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Soundkrampf and Krampfstadt Studio have over ten years of professional sound production with recording, design, editing, mixing, mastering, and audio restoration for film, television, internet, radio, podcasts, and theater.

Lynne Publishing
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Lynne Publishing is a music and sound design label run by Bjorn Lynne, a self taught musician and sound designer from Norway, Scandinavia. Bjorn has recently set up his own studio in Norway, after working in the UK for 10 years producing music for everything from large installations and high profile television programs right down to ringtones for BT (UK's largest telephone operator) and music for video games.

The C. Library
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The C. Library was founded by Alain Lachassagne, Pierre Gamet, Pierre Lenoir and Bernard Bats and is internationally regarded as a feature film sound design, editorial and mixing company. 

Darwin Chamber
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Darwin Chamber has been active in sound design for TV and feature projects, as well as the progressive Electronic music scene for more than 20 years.

Laughing Scarecrow
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Laughing Scarecrow Productions is a small sound effects company based in the South East of England with a great collection of high quality Ambiences and SFX to offer and an Award Winning Team.

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One of the largest and most respected producers of "voice" production elements, Nightingale first got its name producing and distributing first class music and sound effects and then added this new library to it's line-up. Nightingale has been supplying voice elements to Hollywood feature films, tv shows, commercials, games and multi-media producers around the world ever since.

Point One Sound
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Point One Sound presents a sound library so realistic that you won't believe your ears - effects that put you in the middle of the action. A speeding train, a roaring crowd, or a gentle breeze, these tracks have sonic imaging unlike anything you have heard before.

Ripe Sound
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Andy Newell has gained recognition and won awards for his work on such campaigns as The Budweiser Lizards, Yahoo!, AFLAC, Isuzu, SEGA, Pizza Hut, Toshiba, Kia, E*Trade. He was on the Academy Award winning Sound Effects editing team for the feature film Bram Stokers Dracula, directed by Francis Ford Coppolla. As Lead Sound Designer & Composer at Earwax Productions, Inc. and now with Ripe Sound, he has received 20 Clio Awards and a Cannes Silver Lion. Together with Sound Designers at ripe who bring their work within multimedia, Ripe Sound gives you the ripe SFX library.

Sound Ideas
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Founded in 1978 and now located just outside of Toronto, Canada, Sound Ideas is the world's largest publisher of sound effects for the professional broadcast, post-production and motion picture industries. Our sound effects and music libraries are used all over the world. Sound Ideas is the exclusive worldwide distributor for a number of custom-created feature film studio sound effect libraries, including: 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, Universal Studios, Turner Entertainment, Disney Ideas, Hanna-Barbara, Warner Bros., The Saul Zaentz Film Center (creators of "Amadeus"), and Jay Ward Productions - the creators of Rocky & Bullwinkle. Sound.Sound Ideas uses the same care and professionalism it’s famous for with its sound effects to produce high quality royalty free production music. The Mix Music Library is a tremendous resource for commercial and promotional applications, and the Tune Drive series of Hard Drives offers  production music in the most used musical genres.

Sound HOG
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"Foraging the planet for the World's greatest sounds" is SoundHOG. Specializing in the capture of 24-bit nature recordings and documentary sound, SoundHOG is all digital and surround sound capable in the field.

Browse >> was created in May of 1997 by Hollywood sound editors with over sixty feature film credits. is the first and largest online sound effects library on the Internet and continues to lead the market by increasing the massive online library every month with high quality new content.

Victoria Meyer
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The Victoria Meyer library has been made possible through the generosity of the Audio Aesthetics & Technology Department at Webster University in St. Louis, MO and Professor Tori Meyer.

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